Place in history

Letters by American luminaries such as President Harry Truman highlight Waring’s place in history.  Here are some communications to the judge that you might find to be interesting:

Letter from President Harry Truman, Dec. 10, 1948

“It was a pleasure to have the chance to talk with you the other day and I am hoping that we can make some real progress along the line you and I are interested.  I wish we had more Federal Judges like you on the bench.”

Letter from journalist Carl Rowan, Jan. 22, 1951

“To me, Charleston represents the desert of democracy.  Sunday I drank sweet water from a fountain of hope that has sprung up, that has emerged from this land I thought so barren of morality, so heedless to the cry of a suffering humanity.

“You are that fountain. …”

“May your cry cease not until the wilderness vanishes — and may your tribe increase.  Even now you do not stand alone.  The cause you fight is that of every Negro, every American, every human being.”

Telegram from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nov. 8, 1956

“We seek the services of some of the outstanding thinkers and personalities of the nation.  This is not to be construed as a victory celebration.  Rather it will be a week in which we will seek to rededicate the community and the nation to the principles of nonviolence in the struggle of freedom and justice.  We would like to extend an invitation to you to serve as guest speaker at a luncheon Wednesday noon Dec. 5.”